Costa Maya ATV Carts

Plese note: The tour is discontinued (for the moment), but we have enabled income ATV cart type, with the advantage that you can explore for yourself the small town of Villa Mahahual- fishing. where there is so much to explore.


Departing from our point of sale just 2 blocks from the main exit from the cruise port of Costa Maya (in front of the artificial Mayan pyramid, easily distinguished from the output), the ATV Tour begins with a brief explanation of the security measures and training in the use of ATV’s, to continue along the coastal road through the picturesque fishing village called Mahahual, a distance of 16 km coastal rustic road whose showcase various ecotourism developments and the majestic colors crystal blue waters of this remote destination in the Mexican Caribbean, until the ranch “El ANCA”.
Travel within the “El Anca” of about 3 km is what distinguishes our tour of the other deals, plus delve into the heart of the Mayan jungle across roads specially designed for you to enjoy the full experience of riding an ATV, the ranch offers 2 stops at strategic points, the first point will be to get off the ATV to walk across a small stretch of forest where traces of ancient Mayan tombs and a small spring that will last about are 15 minutes, but the icing on the cake is actually the second where there is an ancient spring that sometimes serves as a watering hole for wildlife and a cave that surely to score well in one or more photos this unforgettable adventure (at this point will be given for a small snack or soda water rehydration one per person).

To finally to head back to our point of sale is just 2 blocks from Costa Maya pier.

Check Point for ATV Tour

SCHEDULE (ship time): 8:30 am / 11:30 am / 2:30 p.m.

Breffing initial instruction in our cheking point 0:00 (10 min.) – 0:10 min.
Travel through the old fishing village on the coastal road to “The ANCA” (25 min.) Ranch 0:10 – 0:35 min.
Travel within the ranch “ANCA”)
Mayan tombs with explanation (20 min.) 0:35 – 0:55 min.
Cave of the Spirits (20 min.) 0:55 – 1:15 pm.
Break refreshments (10 min.) 1:15 to 1:25 pm.
Travel back to the checking point 1:25 (25 min.) – 1:50 min.
Total length of travel of 2:00 hrs. At 2:15 hrs.

• Guidelines friendly and bilingual professionals
• Costa Maya ATV
• Bottle of water
• Protective goggles and helmet

• driver’s license
• Wear comfortable shoes
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Closed shoes
RESTRICTIONS: Pregnant women, people with heart problems, people with significant lessons in the neck or back or epileptic persons may not participate in this activity, as well as persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Weight limit 350 lbs (158 kg.) By ATV.

Will need to have 16 years with driving license validity, children 6 and older can go as companions.