Terms And Conditions Of Use

REFUND POLICY: you will receive a 100% refund if your tour does not occur. Due to weather or oceanic conditions ships occasionally do not dock. We also reserve the right to cancel any tour based on the same conditions. We will apply your payment to another available tour or issue a refund.

LATE SHIP ARRIVAL: occasionally ships are delayed and arrive late. Your confirmation is still valid if you arrive late or on a different day than scheduled. We will do everything necessary to accommodate your ship’s arrival and departure. Please stop by our office as soon as you arrive to meet with your guides who will be waiting there for you. 

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: to receive a full refund please notifies us 24 hours prior to your tour at info@tequilabeachtours.com. If your cancellation is made within 24 hours you will be charged the amount of your deposit.